Bath Salt Zombies – “Music Box” (2016) (Video Oficial)

Video realizado por Roberto Prieto, cantante de la banda A Bad Influence y gran amigo de Jerry “Maña”. Esta canción fue realizada como tributo a lo que fue en vida, un gran amigo. Bath Salt Zombies fue la última banda a la que Jerry perteneció. Los vocales en esta canción fueron grabadas por Robert. Y el ex-guitarrista de A Bad Influence, Abner grabó las guitarras junto a los otros miembros de Bath Salt Zombies.

Music Box

My friend I would tell you
You have given our world
Something priceless
Something more
Something to remember
Something to forget
Something to remind us
To many to remember
To many would remain

Like a river trough its path
Too many to remember
Like a river trough its path
Too many would remain
Like a river trough its path
Too many to forget
Like a river trough it’s path
Too many to regret

Now what’s left it’s a music box
Full of memories and dreams

A resemblance just beginning
And a spider web of hearts

Only wishing
You’d still be here
Lot’s of drinking
Lot’s of beer

“Forever in debt”
“Forever in debt”

A blueprint of your memories
Remains vaulted to our hart
Another day has just begun
We still looking back
Wishing we had more

Download the free song HERE.

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